Which magazine has the best advertising?

Drum magazine, which covers hip hop and music, is one of the top-selling magazines on the Billboard charts, and its ad campaign has become a hit.

The magazine ran its campaign last week to promote a concert that is now scheduled to play at Madison Square Garden on April 8.

The campaign includes a pair of ads in which Drum staff members, including a photographer, shoot the musicians at Madison’s famed Garden.

The shots are shot on the day of the concert.

The concert is the brainchild of the Grammy-winning producer and singer D’Angelo.

The musicians perform in front of an audience of more than 3,000 people.

D’angelo is the author of the song “The Man With the Golden Gun.”

In the ads, Drum magazine’s lead photographer, J. Michael, is shown in a series of photos posing with the musicians, along with a portrait of D’Alessandro, who was born in Sicily.

The photos are shot in a dark room.


Drum magazine has a huge ad campaign!

They’re so cool!

I love the shots!


I’m really happy about it.

It’s cool.

That’s really cool.

Drum magazine is owned by HarperCollins.

This ad campaign is part of a wider campaign aimed at drumming, which is a burgeoning field for drummers.

Drum magazines has also been advertising, including this year with the release of a new collection, “The Drum Handbook.”

“Dang!” is the phrase used to describe drummers when they perform.

The term is a play on the phrase “dang, dang, the drum,” which is an acronym for the phrase, “dampen the drums,” referring to the effect that they have on the audience.

Drum mag has been doing this kind of advertising for years, with the magazine’s own catalog featuring dozens of songs from artists.

“Dumptown” was the first song to hit the Billboard top 20, and was followed by “Sons of Bop,” “We’re the Best,” “It’s All Been Done,” and “I’m Not Gonna Get You” (which became the No. 1 hit of all time).

This year’s list also includes the “Bounceback” song “My Favorite Things,” the “Blackout” song with the same title, and the “Crazy Train” song, which hit the No 3 spot.

“Candyman,” a track by The Roots, is also featured in the collection.

This year, Drum Magazine is offering more free magazines and apps.

“A whole lot of stuff that we’ve been doing,” said editor J.J. Siegel.

“And so, the more we do it, the better we get.

So, we have more of our catalog going out this year, and we’ll be doing a lot more.”

In a statement, the magazine said the campaign has “been a long time coming.”

“In an era where the Internet is revolutionizing everything from music to television to print advertising, Drum magazines continues to build its digital empire,” the magazine stated.

“It is also a very exciting time for Drum, as we continue to evolve the magazine with a new generation of talented artists, as well as a new set of creative voices.”

Drum Magazine also announced plans to launch a new digital platform for drumming.

The drum magazine website is currently in development, but will feature a “rapidly growing number of innovative features and content,” the company said.

Drum Magazine’s website is at www.drummag.com.

Drummag is owned and operated by Harper Collins.

The company’s parent company, New York-based HarperCollins Publishers, also owns The New York Times, which includes The Washington Post.

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