How to keep your online privacy protected

AUSTRALIA’S privacy laws don’t always protect your online identity when it comes to your email and online activity, and you’re better off keeping your online communications private.

In recent years, the Federal Court of Australia has heard, Australians have been trying to understand how their online privacy is protected when it’s invaded by companies that don’t like what they see.

The issue of privacy breaches has become a hot topic in recent years with the Federal Government’s privacy watchdog releasing guidelines for online companies last year.

It says if you are the owner of an online service, such as a website or an online store, you must provide “a clear, written, unambiguous and conspicuous warning about the purpose of your website and/or store, and that you are not responsible for any personal information that you may disclose”.

That warning is the first thing that the Federal Privacy Commissioner will be looking at when deciding if you’re a target for privacy breaches, which could include breaches of the Data Protection Act, the Australian Privacy Principles and the Australian Cybercrime and Cybercrime Act.

The Federal Privacy Commission says it has heard from about 10,000 people and has been working with Australian companies to identify potential breaches.

In the wake of the Federal Budget, Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a commitment to improve Australia’s privacy laws.

“As soon as we have the confidence to do that, then we’ll start to look at what that’s going to look like in practice, and we’ll also have the time to review what privacy protection we have in Australia,” Mr Abbott said.

“If we’re not going to have it, we won’t have it.”

Mr Abbott says he is committed to a system that protects privacy, but it’s hard to say how effective that will be.

“It will take some time,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The idea that there is a set of laws that are universal and everybody can follow them is not right, it’s not right at all.”

I think that if you look at a system where there are no barriers, you’re going to find that it works, but there are people who would say that’s not true.

“The Federal Government has set up a privacy watchdog, the Privacy Commission, to oversee Australia’s online privacy and is taking its privacy and online safety laws seriously.

The Privacy Commission has a five-member panel of lawyers and advocates to ensure the privacy laws are being followed and will publish a report every five years.

The watchdog is also holding community consultations on privacy and data security.


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