The real truth about the Iraq War: Iraq War lies are lies—and Iraq’s own media outlets are in the pocket

The real question is whether America will be able to stand up to a propaganda war.

The answer is probably no.

The Iraq War was an epic failure for the United States, as were countless other wars from Afghanistan to the Ukraine.

But the truth is that the real enemy of our enemies is our own propaganda.

We have no choice but to accept this truth, no matter how long it takes.

We need to confront this truth before we allow ourselves to be distracted by the latest, most convenient lie to justify a war that was never about defeating terrorism but about the survival of a state.

The truth is America was never the enemy of Iraq.

We are now the enemy, not Iraq.

The real enemy is our government, which has allowed this deception to take root in our society for more than a decade.

This deception has made us a target of global terrorism, fueled a war in which we were completely unprepared, and enabled the rise of ISIS.

The war has also made America vulnerable to blackmail, which is why our elected officials are so reluctant to publicly challenge this deception.

That’s why so many journalists, academics, and academics have been caught in the crossfire between their duty to report the truth and their obligation to be true to their profession.

It’s why we’re seeing a new era of American political journalism.

For the first time, there is a concerted effort to expose the truth behind the Iraq war.

For journalists and academics who’ve fought the war for years, this is a monumental moment in American history.

For everyone else, this will be an even bigger challenge.

This article originally appeared on Vice News.

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