What the latest tech news and reviews have to say about Google and Chrome 6

What the new Chrome 6 beta has to offer is an all-new user interface and a new look, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As usual, TechCrunch’s coverage of the new release of Chrome 6 is up to date with all the latest news and insights from the industry.

Here are some of the most important things we’ve learned from this month’s Chrome 6 preview, from the new look to the updated design to the overall performance of the browser.

The biggest news and changes from the beta The Chrome 6 Beta was officially announced by Google earlier this month and will roll out to Chrome users worldwide starting in the coming weeks.

Chrome 6 comes in a bunch of new versions, from version 17.0 to 18.0, with the first of those being version 18.1.

The most noticeable new feature is the introduction of Google’s new Google Reader plugin.

Reader now has an integrated reading experience and will let you access your favorite webpages on the web with ease.

Google also announced some other important updates to the browser, including support for the latest version of the Web Audio API and support for JavaScript and HTML5 native code execution, both of which will make it easier for developers to write HTML5 apps for Chrome.

Google’s first preview of Chrome in beta is not a complete replacement for the stable version of Chrome users have been using.

The browser still uses the older versions of the Chromium and WebKit engines, and the browser still does not support WebGL.

Instead, the Chrome Beta builds on the latest changes that were introduced in the latest stable release of Chromium.

Google says that all of this is in place to “keep the Chrome experience fresh and fresh and new for users who have been playing around with the beta build of Chrome and are ready to dive in.”

But for those users, the most significant change is Google’s official new Reader app, which will replace Chrome’s standard Reader app.

This new app will let users browse the web, sign in to their Google accounts, read news articles, search the web and share content.

It will also provide access to Chrome’s new FileManager for viewing and managing files in Chrome’s own files manager.

For anyone who is using the Chrome browser as a daily driver or just a regular browsing app, this will be a welcome change.

But the new Reader plugin is a big deal for anyone who wants to get a sense of what this new experience is like.

For users who are just starting to experiment with Chrome, the new app comes with a few handy features.

Chrome’s browser has always been an interesting choice for a desktop browser, but the new version of Google Reader will make browsing on Chrome much more accessible.

Instead of having to manually sign in and out of Chrome each time you open the browser and open a new tab, you can now sign in using the new browser’s built-in SignIn and SignOut APIs.

This will allow users to access the browser from any desktop or laptop, which makes it much easier to use and customize the browser for a wide range of users.

The Reader app also includes a few new features that will make Chrome more useful for people who aren’t used to a full-fledged browser.

For instance, the Reader app can now display a list of recently opened Chrome tabs, and it will even let you preview your current browsing session with a little icon on the upper right corner.

If you open a book in Chrome and then go back to the previous book, you’ll see a preview of the book you’re currently viewing.

Users can also use this feature to easily browse the bookmarks in Chrome, making it a great way to bookmark pages in the browser or to access tabs from a browser.

Google says that the new features of the Reader plugin are “designed to make Chrome even better for new users, so that they can quickly and easily switch to the new, faster Reader app.”

This new Reader experience will also make it even easier for Chrome users who prefer to work from the web on the desktop.

Users who are using Chrome as their primary browser will still have access to the desktop version of Safari, but it’s going to be easier for them to use Chrome on mobile devices.

Chrome for Android will be available as an extension to Chrome for Desktop in the near future, and Google has confirmed that Chrome for Mobile will be coming to Chrome OS in a few months.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the Chrome for iOS and Chrome for Mac extensions.

The new extensions will let Chrome users access the Chrome desktop version without having to download and install the full version of Chromedriver.

For now, users will need to install Chrome for the desktop, but they will be able install the extensions to use the browser on Android or iOS.

The full version is also going to come with support for offline browsing, and this new feature will make the browsing experience even more seamless.

Chrome users can browse the Web and apps offline

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