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Backpacker Magazine s15 is back in print after a brief hiatus.

A number of titles have been published recently but this is the first time a back issue has been made available to buy.

News of the return comes just weeks after the publication of an online edition, which features the same stories and photos as the print edition.

This issue features a new story from the Australian Border Force (ABC) and features interviews with some of the people who were involved in the investigation into the disappearance of the ABC’s Kate Macpherson.

Kate Macdonald was last seen in Brisbane on January 29, 2002.

Her backpack was found by a man walking along the Hume Highway.

Kate’s disappearance was one of the most baffling and puzzling incidents in Australian history.

She was the first person to disappear from the ABC and it was the subject of a full-blown public inquiry.

News broke on January 15, 2002, that the ABC was going to broadcast a documentary called Lost Kate.

Kate was last heard from on January 30, 2002 in Brisbane.

Kate has never been found.

Her remains have never been positively identified.

Kate, who was only 28 years old, had been on holiday with her parents when she disappeared.

Her family have been unable to track her down and her mother, who lives in Melbourne, has not spoken publicly about her disappearance.

Kate and her boyfriend, Tom Riddle, are believed to have been last seen on the Hume Freeway in January 2002.

It is believed Kate was walking home from her home on the way to a shopping trip in Sydney.

Tom Riddles mother, Susan, believes she was last on the Highway on January 28, 2002 when she saw Kate’s backpack on the left side of the highway.

She then walked back to her home, where she has never spoken of her missing daughter.

Tom was also last seen walking along an old road, where he said she may have seen a man.

His father, Mike Riddle told ABC Radio Hobart Kate’s last known location was in Brisbane’s north-west.

“It’s not far from where I live, it’s just a couple of kilometres away from where my wife lives,” he said.

“I have seen her and I’ve never seen her again.

It’s one of those cases where you just know something’s not right, you just can’t believe it.”

Kate’s family and friends are trying to find any information they can about her.

“We’re just waiting to find the truth,” Kate’s father, Susan Riddle said.

Kate disappeared in the middle of a night out at the Surfers Paradise Casino in Brisbane, aged 28.

Kate left her home around midnight on January 23, 2002 and never came home.

Her boyfriend, Tommy Riddle was last to see her alive.

His mother has since told his story, telling the ABC that she was in a shopping cart with Kate when she went out for a night of drinking.

“She had gone out and she was about to go to sleep,” Susan Riddles said.

“She got a bit tired and she went home and I didn’t see her for a while.

I just got home and she never came back.”

A number of people have been interviewed by the ABC.

Tom Riddle says Kate’s boyfriend Tom was the last to speak to his girlfriend.

He said Kate was in her home at about 1:30am when she was reported missing.

A woman in her 20s told police that she saw her get into a black BMW with a man, Tom, driving the car.

Police have since spoken to more than 30 people who have said they saw Kate with a male friend in the BMW.

The ABC contacted the Queensland Police Service about Kate’s case and they have been told they have interviewed more than 70 people.

Kate was last in Brisbane at about 10:00pm on January 27, 2002 while her boyfriend Tom and a friend were out shopping.

On January 30th, Kate was found lying face down on a beach in the Brisbane suburb of Port Douglas.

Her backpack was discovered by a woman walking along a road.

No one has been charged over Kate’s death and no-one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance, although police have said the investigation is ongoing.

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