When your life is your own media company

title I’m so sick of being on the same page article title A New York City man with a PhD in media is fighting to change the way we write about him.

The man is Daniel P365, who has been working with the magazine, which publishes “the best in news and culture” on the New York Times bestseller list.

But in the last couple of months, P365 has noticed something strange happening with his daily coverage of Trump.

P365 has been using the NYT’s digital platforms to publish his own article, which appears on the top page of the NYT.

In the last week, P3 has been running stories for the NYT, including this one.

“It’s an ongoing process that started a few weeks ago with me writing a story about the president-elect.

I was able to do that with my digital platform and it’s very rewarding for me to do it,” P365 told ABC News.

The NYT’s Digital Editor, David Carr, told ABC, “We’re very interested in the stories that come out of our platforms, and that’s what’s interesting about our platform.”

P365, an African American who has written for CNN, ABC News, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, said he’s also been able to connect with some of the media outlets that cover Trump’s transition, including The New York Daily News and New York Magazine.

P3 has also been using Twitter, a social media platform that has been criticized for being too focused on the political news.

“The reason why we have our platform focused on news is because we are journalists, not political activists,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a news platform.”

Trump’s transition team is also now using the platform to release a series of new stories, which appear on the front page of The New Yorker and the New Republic.

The New York Post has been a frequent target for Trump’s team, but P365 says the paper’s reporting has been far less aggressive in his coverage.

P 365, who is from New York’s Jamaica neighborhood, has worked for the NY Times for seven years.

“In terms of the fact that the newspaper was doing the story, I would say that it was almost like they were being the journalists,” he explained.

“You know, if you’re looking at the whole thing, it was kind of like a piece of the puzzle and I think the fact it’s on the NYT site has given them an opportunity to put the pieces together in a way that we can understand them.”

P3 says he plans to continue to use his platform, which he estimates has been around for 20 years.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop,” he added.

“My hope is that the media community will be aware that I’m there, that they’ll be aware of me, that I will continue to do my job, and I will hopefully be able to continue doing it.”

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