Why is the word ‘hijab’ still taboo?

JAVA, JAPAN – FEBRUARY 02: People wear headscarves in this picture illustration taken February 2, 2017.

In a country where Muslims and Hindus are considered separate, many believe that the word “hijabi” is still taboo to describe someone who wears a hijab, the headscarf worn by Muslim women covering their face.

The word has been associated with women from different religions and cultures, including the Yazidi, Christians and Hindus, who were forced to wear it for centuries in an attempt to hide their religious beliefs.

“The word ‘Hijab’, when you hear it, it sounds like a religion, but it really means a thing.

It is a garment.

You wear it to cover your face, but you don’t want to cover up your identity,” says Amina Khan, a senior research fellow at the Harvard School of International Studies.”

In the West, ‘Habib’ means the head scarf, and ‘Hindu’ means women.

But when it comes to Muslim women, they don’t have a word for it.

So, the word has become a taboo word in the West,” Khan says.

This taboo is why there is a big push in the Muslim world to remove the word from the dictionary.

It’s the reason why in some Muslim countries, the Islamic State has used the term to describe their fighters, as has the Pakistani Taliban.

In the Islamic world, “Hijabi,” which is used by Muslims to describe a person who has worn the head covering, is seen as derogatory and offensive, as it implies a woman who has not been married or has not done any Islamic practice, says Khan.

“I think it is a huge problem in Islam that it is still seen as a religious thing.

When a woman is wearing a hijab it becomes an act of submission and modesty.

And women don’t feel comfortable talking about this, which is why the word is still used by many to define women who wear hijab,” she says.

The hijab is the traditional head covering worn by Muslims, but since the 1940s it has been worn by women from other faiths as well, and today it is considered a symbol of modesty and modesty in the Islamic faith.

Muslims are the largest minority in India, which has more than three billion Muslims.

In recent decades, India has been witnessing a rise in political, economic and social marginalisation for some minorities, and many believe this is the reason for the rise in violence.

“There are many reasons why Muslims are the most discriminated against in India.

It was the biggest reason, especially in the 1990s, that I was forced to study in India,” says Sarita Das, a Muslim woman who lives in Mumbai.

Das, a journalist and writer, was recently forced to leave India after her father’s death.

She is also a writer for a website she created called Indian Voices.

She was also among those who took part in the protest march in Mumbai against the recent murder of a Muslim man by unidentified assailants.

“For me, this is something that has to be changed.

I feel that a hijab is a way of showing the face of Islam, and a way to show my identity.

When we wear the hijab we are showing that we are not just a Muslim, we are a Muslim from every culture, religion and gender,” she tells Al Jazeera.

As the Muslim community continues to grow in India and around the world, there is also concern about the rise of violence and extremism among Muslim youths.

A report by the US National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism found that over the past five years, at least seven Muslim students were killed and 15 others were wounded in terrorist attacks in India alone.

Muslim organisations have been protesting the killing of students by extremist groups and have called for a boycott of products made in India for fear that the products might be used to help fund militant groups.

“We are worried that the brands of the brands will be used as a funding source for these groups, and therefore, for the violence that they are perpetrating,” says Khan, who says she wants to see more Muslims take a stand against this.

“If I were to be forced to go to India, I would go in solidarity with those who are protesting against the killing,” she adds.

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