How a feminist is making history in the world of sports

Woman’s World magazine has named the woman who has been the most influential woman in sports, saying that she has created a new movement of women’s athletes who are “trying to be better”.

Sara Robinson has been named the inaugural women’s sports champion of the year, after she won the Rio Olympic Games gold medal on Saturday in the men’s 100 metres.

She is now the first female to win the award since former Olympic champion, Sarah Burns, won it in 1988.

“I’m honoured and honoured to be chosen by Women’s World as the inaugural champion of this year’s edition of the award,” Robinson told the magazine.

“The sport I love and love doing is what I am trying to create in women’s athletics.”

It’s a new generation of women who are trying to be the best and that is something I love about sport and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world.

“The award was created by the IOC in the 1980s to recognise “women who have taken the sport to new heights”.

Robinson, who has previously won four titles, including the Women’s Super 10s title in 2008, is currently the No.2 ranked American in the women’s 100m at just over 1.56 metres and was named the most inspirational woman in the Olympics last year by the Guardian newspaper.

The sport is seen as a “powerhouse” by the American athletes, who also include former NFL star and Olympic medallist Peyton Manning, who won the gold medal at the Rio Games.”

If you look at the athletes in Rio, they are all doing so because they are doing something that is bigger than themselves,” Robinson said.”

Sarah Burns won the 100m gold medal and she won a world championship.

So there is a lot of work to do in sports and that has been evident throughout the Rio Olympics.

“You can’t just be at the top and do the best you can and get no recognition for it.

Sarah is a true champion.”

The IOC said Robinson’s achievement was “an achievement for all the women athletes and the wider female athlete community”.

The Rio Olympics has been marred by doping allegations and a wave of domestic violence accusations, but Robinson’s victory in the 100 metres is a significant victory.

“As a woman I want to be in that position where I can do whatever I want and that’s what we are trying for in the future,” Robinson explained.

“We are not going to get our medals because of that.

But we are going to be champions because of it.”

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