Which magazines are in trouble and why?

This week, the Economist is the most popular magazine, with a 1.4 per cent share of all online time spent on the internet, according to research from the Pew Research Center.

But in the magazine’s fifth issue, which has just been released, the magazine holder is struggling to keep up.

The Economist’s digital circulation has fallen by 25 per cent over the last year, according the survey, and the magazine has also been hit by a series of cyber-attacks that have been attributed to the so-called “Cozy Bear” group.

The group has been accused of stealing information about the magazine and publishing false news stories about it, and has been linked to attacks on the website of the BBC, which also publishes The Economist.

Last month, The Economist was hacked again, and some of its staff had to be rescued.

The magazine has published some of the most memorable stories from the first world war and has won many awards.

The UK’s Business Insider and Time magazine also rank as the most-read media in the world, according a survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

It also has an enviable reputation for accuracy, with its front-page headline, “The most accurate story in the history of journalism”, making it an unlikely target for attacks.

The article’s author, journalist Nick Robinson, said the magazine had been hit hard by the attacks, and blamed the cyber-attack on “some sort of botnet”.

He said he was not sure why.

“This is a big problem.

I think the main reason for this is that the Cozy Bear has had a number of bots in the system, and they’ve been exploiting our code to try to get to the Economist and steal our material,” he told Quartz.

He said the attack was “the biggest breach” of The Economist he had seen, and said he had no idea how it had happened.

“I don’t think they’re the only one,” he said.

“It’s not a small problem, but we can’t be complacent and it’s something we’ve got to work on.”

The Economist, which is owned by Bloomberg LP, has a global audience of 5,000 million people and covers the news and entertainment industry.

In its latest issue, the publisher revealed that it was struggling to recover from a recent “software error”.

The error was in the software that ran on its computers, which can sometimes make it difficult for users to access certain pages.

Robinson said the Economist was now “working with the publishers and our technology team to ensure that we’re working together to ensure we have the right technology to protect our readers and to keep them informed”.

In its previous issue, The Australian Financial Review had also been targeted by hackers, with staff unable to access a particular section of its website.

“In the run-up to our latest issue of the Australian Financial Journal, a security incident has been reported that affected a number on the editorial team,” it said in its latest edition.

The Australian newspaper also reported that the hack had also affected the publication’s social media accounts, including Twitter.

“We are aware of the hack and are working closely with the publisher and the security team to investigate,” it wrote.

The BBC was not affected by the hack, according with a spokesperson, but it did have a “systemic issue” with its content.

The spokesperson said it had been contacted by The Economist staff to help “solve this issue as quickly as possible”.

The Economist said in a statement to Quartz that the magazine would be “working on the technical details of this issue” but it was “confident” it would recover from the hack.

“The BBC’s Editorial Code of Conduct requires that editorial content not be shared on social media, and we take this very seriously.

The newsroom is working with the relevant parties to ensure this does not happen again,” the statement said.

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