How to make your own classroom magazines

By LORI LEEHAN / Staff reporterSchools, colleges and other public institutions are increasingly using classroom magazines to provide information and instruction.

The new format allows students to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives with each other on topics as diverse as politics, art, sports and more.

But there are some rules to remember: Students must have a printed copy of a classroom magazine, as well as an online account and password to read it.

The schools are also requiring that students register for a classroom program.

Some states have passed new rules to limit access to such magazines.

But other states are moving to require all schools and colleges to get permission from students before using a classroom publication.

What is a classroom newspaper?

The term newspaper refers to a newspaper that is printed on paper, which is typically used to publish newspaper or magazines.

Why should I register?

School districts must make sure students have access to the online classroom magazine at least once a year.

And if they don’t, the schools will be liable for any damages caused by students who misappropriate the materials.

The rules also require that all students receive the online magazine, and if they do not, the school must be responsible for any damage.

What are the rules for online publications?

Students must register with their school to use online publication materials.

The online publication must have an active online platform and must allow students to post and share material.

Students must also be able to login and register online.

Schools also have to be able for students to access the school-provided content.

The materials must be freely available and not restricted by a single school or a particular school’s policies.

The online publication may be distributed by a school or community group, by a local or state library, a newspaper, an internet service provider or by any other entity that provides such content.

Students are responsible for the quality of the content.

Schools can opt to opt-out of some or all of these requirements.

How does a student use a classroom article?

To use the online publication, a student must create an account with their local school or online community group.

Students who have registered with their community group must then register with the school to get access to online publication material.

For example, if a student is interested in participating in a class, they could register for online publication at the local school, and then create an online subscription for that class.

If students want to share material from a classroom, they can create an open online forum, and students can post articles, photos, videos and other materials from that forum.

Is it legal to distribute a classroom newsletter?


Schools are required to have a school-approved classroom newsletter and must be able and willing to distribute it to all students in grades K-12.

If the newsletter is not approved by the school, the students may use other sources to share the newsletter.

Schools that do not have an approved school newsletter can use a school library newsletter.

Can a student share an online publication with other students?

Students can use the classroom publication if they have an account, as long as they are also registered with the community group and have permission to use the material.

If students do not use an account to share content, they must use an official school newsletter.

For more information about online publications, visit

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