‘I was the one that did the best job’: Lachlan Murdoch’s sister reveals how he saved the ‘world’ from the ‘f***ing n*****’

Source: News Corp Australia title ‘My sister was the most beautiful girl’: ‘I thought I was going to die’ article A mother-of-two from Sydney’s northern suburbs has spoken of how her father saved the world from the “f***ING n*****”.

In a video from the video-sharing website Vimeo, Lachan Murdoch said he and his sister were both working for the same magazine store, which he had been hired to manage.

“It was the first time in our lives that we had a real relationship,” he said.

Ms Murdoch told the ABC she was told the store was running a fundraiser for the ABC’s “Good Morning Australia” program. “

It just blew my mind.”

Ms Murdoch told the ABC she was told the store was running a fundraiser for the ABC’s “Good Morning Australia” program.

She said her father, who was a school teacher, was there to help out.

“He was the only person who would go into the store and do that, which is a real privilege for any family,” she said.

“[He was] always there and he would just walk out the door and he’d just go and help out with whatever he could.”

“I was really proud to be a part of it, but I was also really embarrassed that we hadn’t done anything else with the money that we were raised with.”

In the video, Ms Murdoch says she told her father about the fundraiser and asked him to help.

“And he was like, well, what do you mean, ‘Help out?'” she said, adding she “had no idea what to say”.

“And I was like ‘You just do this and that.'”

“I’m a proud mum.”

“He just looked at me and he said, ‘You know, I don’t want you to be the one who did this.'”

“I said, I can’t do that.”

Ms Murphy said she thought it was her dad’s fault because he had never been in the business before.

“I thought, oh no, I’ve been working in the family for so long, he should have known better,” she told the TV station.

“But he just looked and said, [I] know what I’ve got to do, I’ll do it.”

Ms Murnys father, Loughnell Murdoch, died in 2016 aged 83.

Ms Murphy also revealed how her parents encouraged her to take on the job.

“My parents said that if you do this you’ll be a very good woman and you’ll have a lot of fun,” she explained.

“They’ve been so proud of me and so proud that I did it.”

“So proud of you.

So proud of my dad.”

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