‘Dictator’ Trump, Putin ‘in the pocket’

Russia and China are “in the pockets of each other” and are “playing a game of chess,” according to Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published Monday, Trump said he is not “very good” at the art of the deal, adding that “it’s a little hard to describe.”

“I’ve had a couple of meetings with them, and I think I’ve gotten along quite well with them,” Trump said.

“I like them both.

But I like the Putin.

And I think they’re in the pocket of each others.

And it’s a very tough thing to describe.

I like Putin.

I think he’s a leader.

I know that.

I have great respect for him.

But there’s no question that Russia is in the pockets and it’s playing a game with China.

And we have a problem.”

Trump also said that the United States needs to “move away from NATO,” as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and instead “get a good deal with Russia.”

“It’s a problem,” Trump told the Journal.

“It’s very hard to say.

It’s a bad deal.

We have a terrible relationship.

It just keeps getting worse and worse and we have to get rid of NATO.

I just want to move on to other things.

But NATO is a disaster.

And NATO is so much more than the fact that it’s been there for 30 years, and NATO has saved Europe from Russia and from China.

NATO is an alliance, not a club.

And what they’re trying to do is get the United Kingdom out of it and out of NATO, and then they’ll get a better deal with us.

And then NATO will be great again.””

Russia is not our friend,” Trump continued.

“They’ve been our friend for many, many years.

They have no right to be.

We’ve had good relations with Russia.

They’ve got great relationships with us, but it’s not our friends.

And now we have another problem, because they’re invading Ukraine and they’re killing people, and we don’t want that.

And they have no respect for our country, for our sovereignty.

And that’s what’s going on.

They’re killing us.”

Asked if he would ever talk about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump replied, “No, no, no.

I don’t think I can talk about it because it’s just such a problem.

But that’s a real problem.

And so the problem is that they have so much power and they’ve got so much influence over everything.

I mean, that’s the problem.

We’re not going to be friends with them anymore.

We need to move away from them.”

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