Trump’s daughter: ‘I never thought I’d be on a cover of one of the biggest news organizations’

GEORGE SAGO, PRESENTER: The cover of American Girl Magazine today.

GEORGE BARBARA PELOSI, GQ COVER GIRL: It’s like a magazine cover for my entire life.

GEOPHILIUS ROSS: We’re talking about George Barbi’s life.

The mother of three daughters is an American Girl editor.

She lives in the Hamptons with her husband, Michael, and their young son.

She says she never thought she’d be in the magazine cover.

She had always been an editor, but her career was derailed by her divorce.

GEARY BARRIS: I didn’t want to go to work because I knew I was going to be on the cover of a magazine that was about my family and about my life, which was not about me.

GEANN MURPHY: You know, I just couldn’t believe it.

GEANNE MURPSON: This is a girl that was on the covers of GQ and Playboy.

She is a journalist.

GEARLE MURRAY: And she had this idea.

GEERIN ROSSEN: I mean, it was so overwhelming.

GEORGINA JENNINGS: I was devastated.

GEYANNE BERGMAN: I just was so, like, devastated, because I’ve been a parent for 25 years and my husband is my best friend, so I just felt like I needed to do something.

GEORE BARBI: The other day, I’m like, “Oh my God, what is this?”

And then I looked up my family.

I thought, “I need to get a new job.”

And I was like, no.

I just didn’t feel like I could do it.

This is what’s going on.

And that was it.

I was just so angry.

GEARA RICHARD: My mother is an executive.

She’s a lawyer.

She was a teacher and now she’s a publisher.

GEYA BERRY: This cover was just really a reminder of why I’m a writer.

GEYRIA BERRIS: My father and I used to read the magazine together.

We’d come up with ideas and I’d just go to bed at night thinking, “You know what, I have to get the idea.”

GEYNN MURRONEY: The best thing I’ve ever seen.

GEALINE BARBIS: It made me feel so proud of myself, like I did, I was the one that did it.

And I’m glad it made me happy.

GEONNE MALONEY: I’m very proud of what I did.

GEANDER BERRIER: It really made me want to do it again.

GEETTE BARBISTIC: I can’t believe I’ve gotten to work in this fashion.

GEHALIE BARBISS: I never imagined that I’d get to be the cover girl.

GEYLIN JACOBSEN: My parents were great editors.

I mean they had such a good sense of humor and I love that.

GEYDATRAS KARAKOS: I think it’s because I’m not as much a writer as I am an actress, but I am very proud to be in that role.

I think my mom was very proud.

GELEM MURRELL: My mom was always very involved with the children.

I don’t think she would have wanted me to do this cover.

I’m just grateful to have done it.GEYNNE RICHES: It was just such an incredible experience.

GEYNX THOMPSON-WALLACE: This was a very important thing for my daughter.

And it’s what I’ve always wanted to do for her.GEYANNA BARBISCOT: It is a great way to start a family.

It was so freeing to get to start this career and be on that cover.

And then, at the end of the day, it’s just a little bit of a bonus.GEARLE BERGON: My husband is a very nice guy and he would never do anything to hurt me.

And when you’re on the magazine covers and you see your daughter on it, it makes you feel so good.

It just makes you proud.

And so, you know, to be able to have a photo shoot, to have that kind of support and support for your daughter and the children, it just makes it that much sweeter.GEERIN BERBIS (via text): I never thought that I would be on this cover of the most respected magazine in the world.

It’s just something that I never would have dreamed possible.

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