How to become an ‘iconic’ Indian woman in the media

People want a woman to be famous, but they don’t want to be a celebrity, a journalist says in her first book.

In her latest, ‘The Female Man: Why I am the Man and How I Can Change It,’ the journalist, who lives in New Delhi, writes that men in India don’t see women as a desirable asset but rather as a “vulnerability.”

She says women’s status in the Indian media is “an illusion” because men are “still seen as the ‘good guys’ and the ‘victims.'”

I have noticed that women in India are often considered as “minorities” and are viewed as “untouchable” by men.

I am not saying that we are the victims, but we are perceived as being marginalised and invisible.

When a man asks me to do something or ask me for a favor, I will often say no because I am scared.

But the woman says she wants to change that perception and she is willing to take the responsibility of being the “face of the movement” to “show that the Indian woman is a human being with an identity.”

The book is a response to a question about why Indian women are seen as victims, and why they have been relegated to the role of the “minority” and “minimally educated” despite their success in the country.

She explains that Indian society has a patriarchal culture and that women are often seen as “easy targets.”

“I see a lot of people in the world, including myself, as being very insecure,” she writes.

“I want to change this mindset.”

The ‘The Male Man’ book is published by Penguin Random House in India.

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